Hands On
Experience On 
Real World Projects




Learn about the various cybersecurity careers from professionals. Get hands-on experience and decide which cybersecurity role is the best for you. Know about the education and certifications needed. 

Learn By Doing



Give back by sharing your skills with the community. Network with cybersecurity leaders and increase your network. Learn about the latest technologies and frameworks. Get first dibs on recruitment.

Pay It Forward
career seekers


Career Seekers

Get real-life experience working on projects with peers. In a team lead by cybersecurity leaders. Secure the community. Get feedback and practice for interviews. Gain skills necessary to start your career.

Fuel Your Career

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Volunteer & Pay It Forward
Get recognized, earn CPEs, and make a difference by becoming part of our movement and paying it forward. 

Career Seekers

Get Experience Get Ahead
Learn on real-world projects in a team lead by cybersecurity experts and project managers, get feedback and improve. 

Students - CyberPrentice

Join our CyberPrentice Program to explore careers
College and high school students learn about cybersecurity careers, learn by doing and find the career you love.

About Us

Step Up Skill provides military veterans, women, and professionals from underserved communities pathways to economic prosperity through high-paying cybersecurity careers. At the same time, provide schools, small businesses, community organizations, security awareness training, frameworks, and risk assessments.